Navigating Business to New Destinations

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Our Mission

We respectfully commit to delivering 100% successful outcomes that align with the investors best interest. At the same time connecting the paralleled importance of dreams and ambition with reality.

Our Approach

1 - Evaluation
Client vision is clarified to ensure our work remains on focus and in the correct direction.
We provide the “Health Check” from internal data, compared with industry KPI’s and relevant success models.
2 - Recommendation
A range of structured solutions are provided that include timelines & budgets.
The process of achieving the solutions is presented with priority ratings, realistic results and detailed implementation plans.
3 - Implememtation
The most important part of the business plan is rolled out with full guidance, facilitated to ensure seamless integration.
Our transparent, step by step process is shared at every level with team involvement, communication and documented results.
4 - Measurement
Structured templates of change assessments are implemented.
Immediate and ongoing reviews are conducted.


Business Foundations

Your Executives In Planning & Securing New Foundations

We work with investors, developers and local government to analyse project plans. We apply unbiased expertise alongside practical applications to guide feasible outcomes in achieving their dream projects before earth has turned. 
Our input commences at concept level, we work through feasibility & projection, before leading a project through design, construction & fit out.

Concept Creation

Branding & Identity

Feasibility Projection

Strategic Planning

Design Functionality & Logistics

Business Plans

Tender Management & Submission

Licensing & Compliance​

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Future Proofing

Your Executives in operations and management support

Our approach will always preserve the balance of Guest Experience, Employees & Owners Return.

To smart business owners and managers that outsource assistance; we provide a suite of tried and tested applications that fit every business. We improve fiscal outcomes whilst building sustainable environments.


Economic Efficiencies

Mystery Shop

Training Modules, Coaching & Mentoring

Management Relief / Replacement

Creating Strategic Plans

Brand Communications

OH&S Compliance

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Expansion & Development

Your executives for Advancement

The opportunity to change your business can be driven by active competition, successful growth, or wear & tear with age. The opportunities to rebrand, refurbish, expand or franchise are tempting. Executive Compass will remove uncertainty, reduces risk and build structured sustainable plans for change.

Strategic Direction

Change Management

Forecasting & Predictions

Franchising & Joint Venture

Rejuvenation & Rebranding

Refurbishment & Expansion

Interior Design & Fit Out

Recent Projects

Hospitality Skills Training

Leadership Coaching & Operating Procedures

Business Executive Relief

Budget Analysis, Business Strategy, HR Compliance, Recruitment, Board Reporting

Resort Constructions

Operations Expansion Diagnostics, Architectural Audit, Project Development Team, Refurbishment

Retail Food Product

Start-up business, Brand Development, Packaging, Distribution to Shelf

Retail Beverage Product

Operations Expansion Diagnostics, Architectural Audit, Project Development Team, Refurbishment

Tender Management Contracts

Building Development, Sports Facility, Venue Management

Remote Resort

Development Plans & Design Planning

restaurant Purchase

Operations Review, Due Diligence

Remote Resort

Development Plans & Design Planning

Hotel Expansion

Operations Structure, Procurement Refurbishment

Cafe Expansion

Feasibility & Design
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